DEADLY CODE - Lin Anderson

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Deadly Code
Rhona MacLeod
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Dr. Rhona Macleod has been called in to investigate a grisly discovery: a severed foot, caught in the fishing net of a trawler. Where is the rest of the body, and who is the dead man? What links him to a sinister secret society? And why is the Ministry of Defense so keen to shut down the case? Rhona’s investigations embroil her in an international conspiracy from which she will be lucky to escape alive.

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DEADLY CODE is the 3rd book in the Dr Rhona Macleod series, a series, which up until now I've really enjoyed, but for some reason this one didn't work. Mind you, terrific sense of place, very atmospheric what with Macleod off in the remote Scottish Isles battling the evil menace of a cult of Scottish extremists. Or I think that's what they were. The big problem was that the plot was a bit too silly at points. Not that the idea of extremists of any kind is a bad concept, but not where there needs to be so much coincidence and frankly, a whole heap of heavy lifting to get Macleod into the action, get her to the various locations, and keep her involved. And the resolution is one of those extreme leaps of science that, sure, could happen. But hasn't as yet. And I kind of like my crime fiction to stay away from the realms of speculative / science fiction. Having said that, my main problem with this book was the enormous leaps of coincidence and a certain feeling of convenience about the whole thing that meant it didn't work. Onwards to the next in the series for this reader. (I understand there's 6 of them now).

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