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#amreading Evil Under the Stars, C.A. Larmer

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This is the third book now in the Agatha Christie Book Club series.

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It was supposed to a frivolous night out. The champagne was flowing, the rugs were arranged, and the Agatha Christie Book Club had settled in to watch their favourite mystery Evil Under the Sun on the moonlit screen above. 

Yet it all comes to a crashing halt when a woman’s lifeless body is discovered lying between the jumble of picnic baskets and blankets. She has been strangled and discarded like an empty champagne bottle. 

Review - The Agatha Christie Book Club, C.A. Larmer

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The Agatha Christie Book Club
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Crime Fiction
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Accidental Detective
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Currently Reading - The Agatha Christie Book Club, C.A. Larmer

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Something from the much lighter side, set in Sydney in the world of a book club (seemed appropriate as our own version kicked off for this year on Sunday).

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When Alicia Finlay walks out on her boring old book club and decides to start a new one—one devoted to her favorite mystery writer Agatha Christie—little does she know her new club is about to stumble into a mystery of their own. It's a mystery so baffling it would leave even the Queen of Crime scratching her head...