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Cotterell, Genesis

I live with Ruth in Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Napier is located on the eastern coast of the North Island. I have lived here since May 2015.

NAPIER is a popular place for tourists because of its unique 1930's Art Deco architecture. Most of the city had to be rebuilt after the earthquake of 1931 which destroyed just about all the city buildings. It also has a beautiful Marine Parade. The temperatures in summer are often 30 -33 degrees.

#amreading Out on the Ice, Grant Nicol

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This over the weekend for a number of reasons. Firstly "ice". It was so mind-numbingly, life-threateningly hot here over the weekend I needed distraction. Then although set in Iceland, Nicol is a New Zealander and I'm back reading a lot of NZ fiction at the moment. Finally at 98 or so pages long it was a perfect filler between forays into the stinking horrible heat to try to keep livestock pointing in the right direction.

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