Peter Corris

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In 1942 Peter Corris was born in Stawell Victoria. 122ks away, I arrived in a similar part of the world sometime later. In 1980 I was newly arrived in Melbourne, and by absolute happenstance, a crime fiction fan, living around the corner from Murder Inc in Auburn Road, Hawthorn. My delight at that stage was the discovery of a ready source of John Wainwright's books. And then Malcolm, the lovely and profoundly knowledgeable gentleman who ran Murder Inc, asked me if I'd like to try something local for a change. The Dying Trade was my first Cliff Hardy novel.

Rob Langdon

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Langdon, Rob

Rob Langdon served in the Australian Army for almost fifteen years, before becoming a security contractor working in Iraq and Afghanistan. In July 2009 Rob was protecting a convoy when he shot and killed an Afghan guard during a heated argument after the guard drew a pistol on him. Rob's claim of self-defence was dismissed by a court in Kabul that refused to hear any of his evidence or call any of his witnesses, and he was sentenced to death in a matter of minutes. 

Neil Roberts

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Roberts, Neil

I grew up in a working class suburb of Melbourne, Australia. In high school (for the odd times I was in attendance and not truant on a fishing or camping expedition) my favourite subject was English, only marginally ahead of Geography. After leaving school and completing a trade in the building industry I guess Geography eventually won out, for I succumbed to the lure of the ocean and travel - which saw the next twenty years spent with the Royal Australian Navy. 

Announcing the 2018 Ned Kelly Award Winners (or what we did with our weekend (and a few hours before that ;) )

So on the weekend we (as in the ACWA Committee - Rochelle Jackson, Robert Goodman, David Whish-Wilson, Louisa (LA) Larkin, Andrea Thompson, Jacqui Horwood, Deb Crabtree, Georgina Heydon, Meg Vann and I) did a thing. The 2018 Ned Kelly Awards were presented, and I cannot tell you how pleased we are every year to see these awards continuing from strength to strength, acknowledging the best and brightest in our Crime Writing Community giving us a chance to wave certificates, trophies and prize envelopes under their noses.

Shankari Chandran

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Chandran, Shankari

Shankari Chandran is a dystopic thriller writer and a lawyer.

Shankari worked in the social justice field for a decade in London. She was responsible for projects in over 30 countries ranging from ensuring representation for detainees in Guantanamo Bay to training lawyers in Rwanda to advising UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown. 

Her work helped her understand the role and limitations of international humanitarian law in conflicts. It also showed her what happens to society when governments subvert civil liberties. These issues form major themes in her writing.

Scrublands by Chris Hammer

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Crime Fiction
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Rural Crime
Allen & Unwin
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Michael Brissenden

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Brissenden, Michael

Currently ABC Correspondent in Washington, Michael Brissenden has been a political journalist and a foreign correspondent for the ABC since the 1980s. He has reported from Russia, the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe, the Pacific and the Americas and has covered many of the biggest international stories from all corners of the globe.