#amreading Into the Darkness, Robin Bowles

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From the weekend's reading list.

From the Blurb:

On 2 December 2010, the body of a 24-year-old woman was found at the bottom of the rubbish chute in the luxury Balencea tower apartments in St Kilda Road, Melbourne, twelve floors below the apartment she had shared with her boyfriend, Antony Hampel.

Grantlee Kieza

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Kieza, Grantlee

Award winning journalist Grantlee Kieza has held senior editorial positions at The Daily TelegraphThe Sunday Telegraph and The Courier Mail. He is a Walkley Award finalist and the author of twelve acclaimed books, including the recent bestsellers Bert Hinkler: The Most Daring Man in the WorldSons of the Southern Cross and Monash.

Brad Norington

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Norington, Brad

Kathy Jackson was hailed as a heroine for blowing the whistle on the million-dollar fraud of Michael Williamson, the corrupt boss of the Health Services Union. While remaining steadfast in this very public ordeal, she endured bitter personal attacks from enemies in the Labor Party and the union movement.

But what if Jackson was just as corrupt as Williamson? Or worse?

This is the real HSU story. The unbelievable misuse of the union dues of some of the lowest paid workers in Australia.

Yoni Bashan

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Bashan, Yoni

#amreading Justice Denied, Bill Hosking & John Suter Linton

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Slipping this one in as a bit of a change of pace from fiction.

From the Blurb:

In this tell-all book, discover how the justice system works and why, at times, the innocent are convicted and the guilty set free.

Bill Hosking looks back at his career as a criminal barrister in a candid account of his time at the bar. He tells the true story behind some of his most famous cases, including the Hilton bombings, ‘Toecutter’ Jimmy Driscoll’s attempt to avoid prison time, and the Anita Cobby trial.

Terry Smyth

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Smyth, Terry

Terry Smyth is an award-winning journalist, playwright, scriptwriter and songwriter. The youngest son of Irish immigrants, he was born and raised in the Hunter Valley, and is now based in Sydney. He has, in his time, worked as a builder's labourer, steel worker, cotton mill hand, psychiatric nurse, professional musician, actor and advertising copywriter.

Review - Only Daughter, Anna Snoekstra

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Only Daughter
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Crime Fiction
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Domestic Thriller
Identity Theft
United Kingdom
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Sarah Bailey

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Bailey, Sarah

Sarah Bailey is a Melbourne-based writer with a background in advertising and communications. She has two young children and currently works as a director of creative projects company Mr Smith. 

Bill Hosking

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Hosking, Bill

Born in Broken Hill, William 'Bill' Hosking became a clerk in the Petty Sessions branch of the Department of the Attorney-General and of Justice in 1954, serving in courthouses all over New South Wales. In June 1961, at the age of twenty-three, Bill embarked on a different career path when Jack Mannix, the Labor member for Liverpool and Minister of Justice, appointed him as his acting private secretary. In 1965, the new Minister of Justice, John Maddison, retained Bill on his personal staff. Soon, he became assistant private secretary to SIr Robert Askin, the Premier of New South Wales.