The Ottoman Conspiracy, Thomas Ryan

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The Ottoman Conspiracy
Jeff Bradley
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Former Special Forces soldier Jeff Bradley is meeting with the mafia in Bari, Italy, to discover the whereabouts of his nemesis—criminal overlord Avni Leka—when he receives a message from an old friend. Barry is on board a tourist bus that has been hijacked by terrorists near Istanbul. Strapped with explosives, it is racing across Turkey to the northern borders of Syria, Iraq and Iran.

The Turkish president will not negotiate. The Turkish military will not allow the bus to cross the border. The hijackers will kill themselves and their hostages if they cannot escape.

Jeff knows it’s down to him to rescue his friend. Joining forces with US special agent Reason Johanson, he faces his toughest test yet: a race against time to track down the bus before it reaches the border.

Along the way, Jeff uncovers a conspiracy that could not only lead him to those responsible for the hijacking, but also threaten global security itself. Will he be able to stop the bus in time? Or will they run out of road?

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If you're a fan of fast paced, fun thrillers and haven't clued into the Jeff Bradley Thrillers from New Zealand based author Thomas Ryan yet then you are in for a treat.

Action packed, set in interesting places with excellent plots and a great central character in Former Special Forces soldier Jeff Bradley - this third book in the series sees the place become primarily Turkey, the plot about the hunt for nemesis and master criminal, sidelined when an old mate calls for help. He's trapped on an explosives stuffed tourist bus, hijacked by terrorists and it's heading fast across Turkey, towards Syria, Iraq and Iran. When Bradley realises rescue is down to him, he calls in some help from US Special Agent Reason Johanson and they head off in a race against time, with a threat that turns out to have bigger stakes than just a mate's life, and some dangerous implications all round.

Needless to say a bit of James Bond / Jason Bourne / Die Hard type action with a lot of daring doings, some seriously impressive heroics, a bit of pathos and some good old fashioned mateship (not the icky / political kind), the "will come close to dying if necessary but would prefer not to" kind.

These novels do stand alone if you need to jump in somewhere / anywhere - but if you're a fan of this sort of action adventure over the top, one man to save the world type stuff (as is this reader) then launch yourself into this series wherever you jolly well can.

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