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The Secrets She Keeps
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On the outside, always looking in, is the lonely view of the world that Agatha is well used to.  Working up to her due date at a grocery store, Agatha’s regular relief from boredom is to watch through the shop windows local mothers having coffees together after school drop off.  It seems a little more than unfair to Agatha that these mothers feel the need to constantly gripe about their husbands and children.  To have a family of her own is all that Agatha has ever wanted.

Meghan is in the last stretch of her “oops” pregnancy and her extrovert husband has made it all too clear to her that he is rather unhappy about their pending new arrival.  Having already produced a pigeon pair, Meghan is aware that a third baby will only put more strain on their relationship.  Married life in the Shaughnessy household is not what it once was and Meghan’s escape, a parenting blog, is only capturing the highlight reel of her married life.  Her online life is of course carefully curated for public consumption and her real life is threatening to tip Meghan over the edge and into the vortex.

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If you’ve read any books at all by this author, picking this title up will be a no-brainer.  They are all consistently written at a higher quality than their market peers. Author Michael Robotham proves his versatility once again and writes with assurance about the intense world of female relationships and in particular, of the point at which women are at their most vulnerable.   Nothing is overplayed and it’s a subtle hand that deals out the enormities of loss, betrayal, deception and entitlement.   It’s a win for readers that Robotham has written a female centric novel of this kind as it will lift the writing bar for those that will follow.  

THE SECRETS SHE KEEPS is a compelling dramatic thriller that delicately balances the humanity of the two women with the consequences of their shocking actions.  It was very difficult to re-emerge from the world of this book as was written to be so very immersive. The reader will take on the ache of both mothers in their predicaments that are so similar and yet at such odds for each to resolve.

You’ll knock this novel off in one or two sittings so book yourself in for a solid enjoyable read as soon as you can!

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