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Terence J McLernon is the fifth generation of his family to enter the Police Force, a record in Australia yet to be surpassed. After a highly trained career in the Royal Australian Air Force, Terry joined the Wallopers. As a mature man, he was deeply unimpressed by the Cult of the Copper whereby the power to do good was perverted to private purposes of commerce and control. He views the sub-strata of corrupt officials and police as being The Fifth Estate, the new 'untouchables'.

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Which just goes to show how many great Australasian Crime Fiction and True Crime authors there are out there!

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My name is Oliver Douglas and I and other Perth businessmen are suing Terence John McLernon for numerous items of defamation in his three books. We are also suing the Internet Service Providers for directing others to read the defamatory material. Please be warned that I will issue proceedings against anyone who directs others to read McLernon's books which contain the defamatory material. Thank you. I can be contacted on xxxx xxx xxx should you wish to discuss anything in relation to this e-mail. Regards Oliver Douglas


As you posted this comment on my website anonymously, leaving only a telephone number which I am assuming you're hoping I'll panic and ring, I am going to publish your comment, sans telephone number and respond here.

You are perfectly free to sue any author (I note your comment appears to indicate that you have not yet done so) for any defamation you feel you may have been subjected to as a result of whatever books the above author may or may not have written.

As you can see from the author entry on my website I have never listed his books as I have not been able to find out any details about them.

You are therefore requesting that I remove an author's biographical details from a database of over 550 authors, otherwise you will sue me.

For what Mr Douglas? Listing a bio. Without a reference to any books.

Please Mr Douglas.

It does you no credit, it serves no purpose and it's all prior to any action on your part actually being a) launched and b) found successful.

Obviously you are well within your rights to sue, you are not, however within your rights to bully, harrass and attack this website or me.

Whether or not I list an author, a book, or even my opinions or review of that book - you do not have the right to stop me, unless, of course, anything I say on this site defames you.

Prior to your request I'd never even heard of you, let alone mentioned you here.

Although, a quick web search has enlightened me.

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