Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk is a New Zealand writer, based in Dunedin in the South Island. 

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Whoops - sorry, it seems there have been no other postings on this site for this author.

Which just goes to show how many great Australasian Crime Fiction and True Crime authors there are out there!

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Thank you for the listing. Regarding the comment about no postings, I currently have six titles in print, through Amazon. The latest, The Pregnant Virgin, is about a possible criminal misuse of IVF. 'Farm Kill is a follow up to The Fern Valley Conspiracy. Possibly my favorite, Entrenched Beliefs, is about how strongly held beliefs lead to an attempted assassination, and a school principal to wrongly accuse a father of molesting his six year old. When I search to see if my titles are listed somewhere, I usually end up with the famous journalist, Robert Fisk, hence my name change to Robert W Fisk.
Regards to all

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