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#amreading The Girl in Kellers Way, Megan Goldin

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When a body is found buried near the desolate forest road of Kellers Way, Detective Melanie Carter must identify the victim if she is to have any chance of finding the killer. That's no easy task with fragmentary evidence from a crime committed years earlier and a conspiracy of silence from anyone who might have information.

Review - The Girl in Kellers Way, Megan Goldin

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The Girl in Kellers Way
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Domestic Noir
Michael Joseph
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Megan Goldin

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Goldin, Megan

Megan Goldin worked as a producer and foreign correspondent for the ABC and Reuters in Asia and the Middle East where she covered war zones and wrote about war, peace and international terrorism.

After she had her third child, she returned to her hometown of Melbourne to raise her children and write fiction, often while waiting at her sons’ basketball training sessions.