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Review - Mayhem, Matthew Thompson

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True Crime
Pan MacMillan Australia
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#amreading Mayhem, Matthew Thompson

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The final from this weekend's reading pile.

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Meet BADNE$$. He's the enigmatic, impulsive, exasperating, destructive, big-hearted Aussie outlaw who stole millions of dollars in daring bank robberies and became a folk hero as big as Ned Kelly when he masterminded two spectacular prison breaks in the space of six weeks.

Matthew Thompson

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Thompson, Matthew

Matthew Thompson is a writer and adventurer with a University Medal in English and a broken nose. Areas of his reportage include pool hustling, nudist colonies, mixed-sex boxing and war zones. Matt's writing has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald and other major newspapers, Inside SportDazed & ConfusedAustralian Style, and HEAT. Matt has also written and recorded radio documentaries broadcast in the United States by National Public Radio, and in Australia by the ABC's Radio National.