SLEUTH ASTRID: The Mind Reading Chook, Hazel Edwards

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The Mind Reading Chook
Sleuth Astrid
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Sleuth Astrid is a hi tech, mind-reading chook who rides a Harley, uses a z-com and solves mysteries like finding the magician’s lost sense of humour.
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I don't want to start any arguments here, but my mind-reading chook is an Australorp, currently known as "Underfoot", although a renaming ceremony is now on the cards. I've always been convinced she was a mind reader, although I'm pretty sure there's been no laboratory accidents in her vicinity. But she's the one, out of the very big flock of chooks in these parts, that always seems to be where I'm heading before I've even decided to go there. Of course it might be that she's such a guts that she secretly tracks movements in the hope of treats to get out from "Underfoot", but I much prefer the idea that she's able to read minds, solve problems, leap not very tall buildings, and generally be a multi-skilled chook! Just like Sleuth Astrid.
Needless to say the idea of SLEUTH ASTRID appealed from the first mention. And both of these books "THE MIND READING CHOOK" and "LOST VOICE OF THE GRAND FINAL" are really quite clever. Part of the Easy to Read Mysteries category on Hazel's website, they are designed to allow younger readers to simply enjoy the stories, whilst the more adventurous or older would find the puzzles along the way engaging as well. The language is direct and very readable, the story's clever, quirky and particularly Australian. The connection with the Grand Final is a lovely touch that might also help with getting young, sports-mad kids to engage with reading.
Previously available in print format, these ebooks are now available directly from Hazel's site ( Plus there's classroom performance scripts, a Design Your Own Sleuth section and other bits and pieces. It's great to see kids reading like this popping up in electronic format. Even for kids of "slightly" more advanced years.

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