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#23 Stephanie Plum
bounty hunter
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When her latest skip leads her to a stolen truck with a dead frozen mansicle inside, bounty hunter Stephanie Plum isn't sure she'll ever pick up a Bogart Bar on a hot day ever again.  These things tend to scar you.   Fortunately her skips have never the brightest and after all a girl has a hamster to feed.  Stephanie almost always gets her man.

Ranger (all things dark, mysterious and irresistible) is employed to examine the security on the Bogart ice cream factory which seems rather lax if you can manage to kill a man, roll him in chocolate and nuts and then get him onto a delivery truck unseen.   As a favour to her (sometimes!) love interest, Stephanie takes a small breather from working for her cousin Vinnie and joins the team of processing drones churning out the sweet sensations at Bogarts.  It only takes a conversation on the first day of her new job for Stephanie to realize that some very disgruntled employees spend their days in this faux sweet world and that Bogarts is not the only ice cream factory in town. A long running feud between two Trenton ice cream families has escalated to the point of sabotage and murder.

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You know you are in safe hands with Janet Evanovich.  At some point you are going to snort out loud, roll your eyes, or maybe just cheer for Stephanie Plum as the sanest and most likeable person in Trenton, New Jersey.  This long running series consistently performs to expectations and it's comfortable that nothing really changes in the world of Stephanie Plum. Cars will get blown up, the bad guys will be caught, Stephanie will be embarrassed royally by her family and there will always be a romantic moment or two with either of her two leading men in Morelli or Ranger.

There's something endearingly kitsch about this low tech series in that even the bad guys usually have something endearing about them.  Stephanie Plum in Turbo Twenty-Three is perfectly happy to step outside her comfort zone once again, demonstrating that placid nature that allows her to follow her friends anywhere they need her to be.  It never gets too dark and it always stays entertaining.

Save this one for your quiet day over the Christmas period as you KNOW you are going to love and enjoy it for what is - a fun escape from the every day and a welcome update as to what is new with your favourite friends in the 'burg'.

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