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Give Me Your Hand
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It’s the weight of a massive secret that tips the balance between two women, confessed to in the time of a shared childhood that wasn’t all sunshine and roses for two children streets academically from their peers.   A secret shared is not necessarily a secret halved. It means there is now another person made complicit by their silence.

Both Kit and Diane have scientific minds, used to analysis and method, preferring order to chaos.  Diane was always the more focused of the two on her study regime and career goals, but was she ever the more grounded of the two in reality?  Kit was happy to leave Diane behind after the school years, so it is a huge shock to find out that the two of them will soon be working together in the small confines of a research laboratory.  The brilliant Dr Severin will be taking forward only two young scientists from her team to work on a ground-breaking project to clinically prove the existence of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.    As the lab team members evolve from being colleagues to competitors, Kit is not hopeful that she will be the last person standing.  Diane, having been poached by Dr Severin, surely has that coveted first spot.  What will Kit need to do in order to make sure she has the second?

It is unsettling for Kit to realize that Diane has merely paused in time on their relationship, and fully expects Kit to be once she once was – an ally.   A terrible accident places the two women right back where they once were – one dependent on the silence of the other.

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Award winning American author Megan Abbott has written a thriller framed around the complexities of relationships that are quite often borne out of necessity and not affection.  Competitors but not necessarily rivals, school relationships that don’t survive into adulthood, friendships for a season only. 

Blood is a theme that river flows throughout the book, and this is a clinical inclusion to remind us that the inner lives of women are inextricably linked to their physical natures. Whether that dimension is evident or not from the outside, the power of it must be respected and acknowledged.

GIVE ME YOUR HAND plays on a small stage and this adds to the intimate menace of a read that slowly brings the conflict full circle right back to where it started, that being between two people who can’t seem to make it fully out of the orbit of each other. Female to female relationships could be the argued to be the most fraught and intense connections that women ever make, regardless of the sphere in which they come to exist.

Keeping it all close and personal, GIVE ME YOUR HAND is a carefully crafted work that drip feeds dread directly into the veins.  You will need to commit yourself to the discovery as this book is comprised of a series of measured turns, rather than the relaying of screeching acts of violence.  Small deliberate steps to a conclusion that is oddly satisfying.  Don’t race to the end.

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