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After attacking a child killer during his trial at court, Detective William Fawkes, known as Wolf, was publicly shamed and sent to spend time in a mental care facility.   Now back on the job in Homicide, Wolf is painfully aware of a few things.  First, that he was right all along.  The killer he had attacked so savagely was eventually released, committing further atrocities before being recaptured. Second, that there’s a still a lot of people both in the force and out who think that Wolf has proven himself to be an unreliable loose cannon. Third, that proving himself to his police colleagues will only be the tip of the iceberg in his recovery. 

Called to attend a crime scene in his own apartment complex, Wolf is faced with a cadaver that is nothing like he or anyone else in his division has ever seen before.  Comprised of various body parts from different victims, the grotesquely constructed corpse is posed in such a way so that it is pointing towards Wolf’s own apartment. The killer soon makes contact with the media, providing a future hit list that includes Wolf as its very last victim.   As the kill list gains traction, so does the sense of urgency to find out what the common denominator is between the Ragdoll’s initial victims, and those yet to be taken.

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RAGDOLL is the debut novel of author Daniel Cole.  With a second series entry due out in 2018, this is  great news for readers of UK police procedurals. We're emotionally invested pretty soon into the read as RAGDOLL’s strongest inclusion is its large cast of diverse characters.  Some decisions made by the police seem a bit questionable as they are marched through very quickly in order to keep momentum, but it's not that much of a pull away from the enjoyment of this read.  You expect a bit of plot fluidity in a first novel and without great characters,  you are unlikely to bother with book two.

Dark humour is sprinkled throughout RAGDOLL which is a welcome addition to temporarily lighten the mood away from the death and destruction. The characters don't seem to want to perform to our expectations of them and this does work to the advantage of injecting some realism into a novel that has a lot of bodies to deal with plus a fair whack of back story to roll out. Wolf is a complex character who moves through the novel by the seat of his pants, making this more of a personal journey to redemption than at first it might seem. It's fast, it's often funny, there's TV worthy gore, there is realistic emotional drama.  RAGDOLL's cast is a welcome addition to the world of crime fiction and eventually we hope, to the small screen also.   

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