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Dr Jekyll & Mr Seek
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Many years have passed since Dr Jekyll suddenly left London society.  Lawyer Mr Utterson, seemingly steadfast in his continued assistance to the absent Dr Jekyll, has been busy making plans.  Lasting plans, and they include a lady’s affection.  Dr Jekyll’s vacant town house is soon to come into the possession of Mr Utterson himself, now that the required seven year period has passed. Nothing can stop Mr Utterson in his ascension now.  And yet it does. The return of Dr Jekyll is a sensation.

A bold imposter wastes little time in moving into Dr Jekyll’s home and social circle, skilfully manipulating former colleagues and acquaintances into accepting his presence as the triumph of a good man come home at last. The imposters ease at impersonating the deceased Dr Jekyll is breathtaking for the aggrieved Mr Utterson to witness and the secret knowledge that only Utterson holds burns deep.   Jekyll, along with his dark half Mr Hyde, had indeed already paid the ultimate price for his madness and evil longings.  Dr Jekyll has been dead for seven years.

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There is something of a huge comfort in picking up a book that possesses that air of gentility which was common to works written in the latter part of the 19th century. The first pages of DR JEKYLL AND MR SEEK instantly catapult the reader into a murky world where deception and nefarious acts are committed by intelligent yet desperate men.

DR JEKYLL & MR SEEK is a delightfully immersive read that quickly draws us into a world we never knew we had been missing.  A relatively short foray back to 1800’s England, this book wastes no pages in being overly descriptive and instead well spends in gloriously period dialogue and the suitably outraged inner splutterings of Mr Utterson as he investigates this most grievous of wrongs.  We’re easily caught up and sympathetic towards Mr Utterson who has had the best of intentions all along and seems quite deserving to inherit from the considerable burden of his secret knowledge.

DR JEKYLL & MR SEEK is neatly crafted of course around the key events of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel THE STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE.  You don’t need to know much about the first book in order to respect the homage paid in this modern day follow up and this novel is successful without the need to include an onerous summary of the first.   A small but respectful continuation of a very grand tale.

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