The Wrong Door

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Pan MacMillan Australia
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Crime Fiction
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It was the talk of the wake. The woman in the red dress. Everyone at the service wondered. Who was that woman?

Pete's dead and Gwennie's life will never be the same. How could Pete, a young, fit man, leave her now? Their lives together were only just beginning. And pneumonia? It was insane, unthinkable, unbearable. Somehow she struggles through the funeral in a daze, and the mysterious mourner in the tight-fitting red dress barely registers in her consciousness.

It's only later, when spotting a discrepancy in Pete's tax records, that she begins to wonder.  Who was that woman?

Clare smoothed the knitted wool dress over her hips. It hugged every curve and she had many, in all the right places. The woman in red is Clare Dalton. Her brief appearance and signature in the condolence book sets in motion a trail of deception, mystery and buried secrets that connects these two strangers in ways they never thought imaginable.

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