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Random House Australia
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Crime Fiction
Country NSW
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David Norfolk, archaeologist, tragically lost the woman he loved and so he buries his life in the search for the truth about De Cueva's ship which was supposed to have been wrecked on the New South Wales coastline around 1519 - two hundred years prior to Captain Cook. While on a dig,

David's team unearths a body; murdered over 50 years before. The mystery of the murdered man is then connected to an old, dying man who lives nearby in a shack. Now the definition of "wrack" in all its seven deadly nuances connects up. Set in a shack by the beach, the narrator unfolds the subversion, the revenge, the retributive punishment of the old impaired man. David listens to his tale while waiting for vital clues to the wreck.

This tale is a dark tale of lust and betrayal between two men who shared the same obsession for a ship wreck and a woman. The cruel twist at the end may or may not be the redemptive moment for David but it surely has the potential.

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