Who Killed Bianca?

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K.C. Gordon
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Crime Fiction
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Amateur Detective
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This is the trip of a lifetime and K.C. is going to use this holiday to recharge, relax and meet new people. As the passengers assemble on the platform, waiting to board one of Australias most historic trains, The Ghan, K.C.'s curiosity begins to work overtime. This cast of characters could add colour to her latest romance novel. Maybe she could find inspiration in their stories? One passenger in particular catches K.C.'s eye - a sleek figure in a black Armani suit looking every inch the social identity. It is Bianca Bernini, renowned gossip columnist. It seems that she is turning many heads, and to K.C. it looks as though they aren't gazing admiringly at this woman. Set against the Australian outback as The Ghan travels through this country's centre, K.C. is again plunged into the midst of a murderous plot she is drawn into the mystery of Who Killed Bianca?

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