That Was the Week (or so) that was #30

There is absolutely nothing like moving to stuff up your posting time.

I swear if I could find a crime fiction book about somebody who goes completely feral and murders everybody who says "oh you're moving over Christmas...." I'd read it, quote it, start leaving copies around all over the place!

Still the move is half way through - and we've switched over to living in the extreme rural environment of the Pyrenees Ranges in Central West (I think that's right) Victoria.  It's peaceful - beautiful, although bloody hot.  Bloody dry.  Did I mention BLOODY HOT!

Still - acclimatisation is already underway and I'm getting used to feeling a little frazzled.

Nobody will be surprised to hear that one of the first things unpacked was the review books, and I've got some reviews to catch up on, but I tell you, the best antidote for moving blues has to be Geoff McGeachin's fabulous latest book Dead & KIcking.  I loved it, even if it did give me VIetnamese restaurant withdrawal symptoms!  I have got to get me pho recipe sorted out soon or I may have a screaming fit.

Still - I'm currently reading The Art Thief by Noah Chaney and next up will be whatever is closest on the bookshelf - although I'm a bit spoiled for choice I must admit.

Short post this time as this is the first chance I've had to turn on a computer for over a week and I've got about 2,000 emails left to read.

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