The Vodka Dialogue

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Cassidy Blair
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Hodder Headline
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Crime Fiction
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Private Detective
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Cassidy Blair, twenty-nine years old and addicted to matching underwear, is up to her G- string in trouble when she decides to pay off her credit card debt by taking on another job as a sexual sleuth.It's a short step for someone who has spent a lifetime talking her way out of embarrassing incidents. So when she's hired to find out whether Helen Since's boyfriend, Daniel, is playing around, Cass supplements her own natural skills with her friend Zara's prowess on the computer and the seductive charms of Josie, owner of the Easy Lounge, the coolest bar in town.But with best friends who keep showering her with free cocktails, and a washed-out ex-boyfriend as a houseguest, can Cass actually manage to solve a case? Is she smart enough to realise that when someone wants to take her out, they're not talking about an expensive dinner - they want her out of the picture?And will she ever figure out that old school friend Sam Tasker is not just a gorgeous man with firm legs, but a smart cop with Cassidy Blair in his sights?

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