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Crime Fiction
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In the Supreme Court of NSW, Spencer Barrett - a journalist with a Sydney daily newspaper - watches Bridget Conrad chillingly confess to the murder of her own father.

It is 11th September 2001; the day news reaches Australia of the terror attacks in New York . With the image of the crumbling buildings burnt indelibly in Barrett's mind, he can only shake his head at the words of this beautiful young woman. But in Barrett's own life, the boundary between right and wrong has become blurred. He feels in himself a sense of power; a potency which does not seem to be acknowledged by the world around him. Perhaps it is this that draws Bridget Conrad to him, entangling him in a web of crime and deceit?

A fast-moving thriller set in Australia and South-East Asia post 9-11-2001. A journalist becomes intimately involved, then criminally entwined, with a young woman serving a prison sentence for murder.

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