Until Death

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Pan MacMillan Australia
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Crime Fiction
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In a war-torn African country, a mercenary slits the throat of a young native girl.

Fourteen years later and half a world away in Sydney, Libby Daniels staggers out of bed in her parents' harbourside home to see two men crouched over her mother's battered body. Already in shock, she hears them say 'Libby killed her'.

Terrified, she flees to Brisbane, where she hopes to find help from the grandfather she hasn't seen for years. Brutally mugged on the city streets, she takes refuge on the doorstep of Conor Martin, a man with his own horrifying secrets.

Distrustful and suspicious, Libby and Conor are wary of each other, until past and present collide in a violent attack that forces them to confront their enemies - and their deepest fears.

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