The Trumpeting Angel

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Duffy & Snellgrove
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Crime Fiction
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A saga of love, litigation and murder in Melbourne at the time of Federation. In Melbourne in 1899, politician John Deveraux falls in love with Susan Fairfax, businesswoman and suffragette. Thwarted when he discovers her secret, he seeks revenge.

Then his own past begins to catch up with him. A professional assassin arrives from California and the plot thickens with love affairs, unsolved crimes, the fight for women's rights, parliamentary feuds, and a trial. This novel proceeds through the drawing rooms, business world and courts of late nineteenth century Melbourne.

It contains a rich cast of characters, layer after layer of plot, curious social details and many arresting scenes. Famous historical figures make cameo appearances as Federation unfolds in the background, and the young nation steps with high hopes into the Twentieth Century.

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