Something Wicked

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Tessa Vance
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Ballantine Books
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Crime Fiction
Country NSW
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When burnt-out pop-star Adam Quinn is found grotesquely dead on a secluded mountain property called Haven, it looks like a case of suicide. But is it?

Bliss, Skye and Astral Brydie, the three sisters found at Haven with Quinn's body, are vague about what happened the night he died. And their mother is nowhere to be found. The girls seem terrified, as if they're holding something back. The neighbours are only too ready to talk. But how much of what they say can be believed?

As Senior Detective Tessa Vance and her partner Steve Hayden work to penetrate the web of fear, suspicion and deceit that shrouds Haven, as the dark secrets of the place are slowly exposed, Tessa must fight to stay clear-headed and to come to terms with the truth.

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