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Nicola Sharpe
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Crime Fiction
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Private Detective
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My name is Nicola Sharpe. I'm six feet tall. Sixty-seven kilos. Unmarried and with no intention of changing my staus quo. If you asked me my interests I'd say travel, great music, food and wine. I drive a rusty Peugeot 504 so I'd also include a passion for charismatic cars. Once I'd have included men on the list, but I look after my heart these days.

Balmain-based private investigator Nicola Sharpe chases murder and political intrigue, from the art cliques of the inner city to the crowded chaos of the Easter Show. When she is aksed to take on a job looking after well-known artist Jane Davies' rebellious daughter, she figures that it's easy money for babysitting. Ella is a political activist and a member of her group has disappeared but Nicola still thinks it's just a case of an over-protective mother. But Ella knows more about the missing girl than she is telling, and Jane Davies has her own secrets and enemies. The only thing Nicola can be sure of is that both of them are lying to her.

The pressure builds with Sydney's humidity as the bodies start piling up, and Nicola must find out the truth before hers becomes the next.

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