Rest Days are good

As long as you don't take them too seriously.

Monday of MWF week was, however, spent reading, drinking tea, talking, reading, blogging, reading and generally slothing around.  We needed it after a very hectic weekend.

Tuesday was, however, part "work" in that we went food shopping (oh and book shopping) and tonight we're off to the local Pub Trivia Night - so it was sort of rest sort of work.

We'll upload the next pile of books in the photo album soon:

But in the meantime: 

Today's Book haul included:

The Murder of Madelaine Brown, Francis Adams

Dad and Dave Collection including On Our Selection, The Old Homestead, The Rudd Family and A City Selection

Unholy Writ, Carmel Bird

The Azanian Action, Peter Corris

The Third Lady, Shizuko Natsuki

Mavis Levack, PI - Marele Day

Death of the Author, Andrew Masterson

The Patience of the Spider, Andrea Camilleri

Paycheck, Philip K Dick

Not a bad way to end a day.

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