Poison Tree

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Harper Collins
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Crime Fiction
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Sacked from ASIO for his involvement in the Peace Crimes Affair, Ramdas Nair is now a private detective facing bankruptcy. He can sink no lower. Or so he thinks.

Ramdas Nair should know by now that asking questions can get you into trouble, and that's just what he finds when he teams up with Persephone Tsakas, a renegade journalist. Together they sniff out a trail of dirty deals, infidelity and blackmail which leads to the prime minister's right-hand man.

When Ramdas takes the fall, where else can he turn for help but to Savva Golitsyn, the retired Russian sleeper-spy. Seeking only to clear his name, Ramdas soon becomes embroiled in something much bigger than political sex scandals. As India and Pakistan explode nuclear tests a select group, hand-picked from the world's elite intelligence agencies, searches for the right man to go under cover...

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