The Pink Cockatoo

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Zeus Publications
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Crime Fiction
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Accidental Detective
North Queensland
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Ruth Cogan feels she has found peace at last working at the Stockman’s Hotel in sleepy Townsville, far North Queensland . This new life is a welcome change of pace for Ruth after her exhilarating adventures pursuing drug dealers to Sydney and the heartbreaking tragedy of losing her husband and son. (Payback) Ruth shared these experiences, as always, in the company of her good friends, Katy and Diane. However, this newfound peace of mind is soon rudely interrupted and the girls find themselves embarking on a new journey that plunges them headlong into Brisbane ’s seamy underworld of drugs, prostitution and murder! In their mission to this murky gangland we follow the girls’ search for justice and surprisingly, the happy discovery of a long lost family member. In turn they find the courage they never knew they possessed, wonderful new friendships, and ultimately… true love.

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