Paul Valdez

About the Author

Pseudonym for Allan Geoffrey Yates (1923-1985)

Bibliography as Paul Valdez

  • Hypnotic Death 1949
  • The Fatal Focus 1950
  • Celluloid Suicide 1951
  • Flight Into Horror 1951
  • Ghosts Don't Kill 1951
  • Kill Him Gently 1951
  • Killer by Night 1951
  • Murder Gives Notice 1951
  • Satan's Sabbath 1951
  • The Time Thief 1951
  • You Can't Keep Murder Out 1951
  • The Crook Who Wasn't There! 1952
  • Feline Frame-Up 1952
  • Maniac Murders 1952
  • The Murder I Don't Remember 1952
  • There's No Future in Murder 1952

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