Orpheus Lost

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Harper Collins
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Love can take you to the darkest places.

In this compelling re-imagining of the Orpheus story, Leela travels to an underworld of kidnapping, torture and despair in search of her lover, Mishka.

Leela is a mathematical genius who escaped her home town to study in Boston.  From her first moment she hears the young Australian musician Mishka busking in a subway, his music grips her, and they quickly become lovers.

Then one day Leela is taken to an interrogation centre somewhere outside the city.  There has been an 'incident', an explosion on the underground; terrorists are suspected, security is high.  And her old childhood friend Cobb is conducting a very questionable investigation.  Over the years Cobb has not forgotten Leela nor the secrets she knows.

Now he reveals to her that Mishka may not be all he seems.  That there may be more to his story of growing up in the Daintree rainforest in northern Queensland among an eccentric musical family.  Leela has already discovered that some nights Mishka claims to be at the music lab are actually spent at a cafe.  A cafe, Cobb tells her, known to be a terrorist contact point.

Who can she believe?

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