On Murder 2

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Black Ink
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True Crime
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"At a fundamental level, as human beings, you present for us the awful, threatening and unanswerable question: How did you come to be as you are?" - from the closing remarks of Justice Vincent in the trial of Peter Dupas.

Murder Ballads. Victor Chang. The Pyjama Girl. The Windsor Murder... Some stories scream out to be told.

Murder is messy, chilling and explosive. It raises questions and arouses fear. It tests our legal system and out faith in human nature. How does a picnic turn into a shoot-out?

How does a psychopath slip through the legal system? How can a small town look away when a baby is tortured and murdered? Why do we glorify serial killers?

The first On Murder was a best-seller. With On Murder 2, crime writer and legal aid solicitor Kerry Greenwood has maintained the standard. Whether first-hand accounts, long-standing investigations, pen portraits or accounts from the "inside" of the legal system, these stories are all marked by their drama, their intelligence and their unflinching gaze.

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