The Millionaire Float

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Cassidy Blair
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Hodder Headline
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Crime Fiction
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Private Detective
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Cassidy Blair returns in her third sexy PI adventure with more confidence, more money in her bank account and more Officer Sam Tasker in her life than ever before. So when Cassidy lands a job infiltrating one of the city's most dangerous nightclubs while wearing the skimpiest of outfits, the odds are Sam isn't going to be too thrilled. Meanwhile, Cass has to survive a battle with her crazed parrot, a complete body wax and the disturbing reappearance of her high school nemesis. Fortunately, she also has a terrific set of friends, a sexy lingerie collection and a brand new Mini that even Wonder Woman would want to drive. So buckle up for another hilarious, racy adventure as Cassidy Blair solves crimes and protects the innocent. At least, that's her poorly formulated plan!

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