Mavis Levack, P.I.

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Allen & Unwin
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Crime Fiction
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Private Detective
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You're never too old, says Mavis Levack.  If only she could remember what it is you're never too old for.  Oh yes, that's right - a career, adventure.  It's important for a woman to have a career.  Heavens above, you can only play bowls so many days a week.

Private investigating is what Mavis Levack has in mind, but unlike private investigators in those TV shows, Mavis doesn't have people conveniently dropping dead at her feet.  Also, there's her husband, Eddy, calling her a busybody when really she is just an acute observer of human nature.

Mavis Levack is desperate to give a career in crime-solving a go - before it's too late.  A lack of clients is not enough to thwart Mavis.  Armed with binoculars and a sturdy pair of walking shoes Mavis Levack, P.I. goes looking for trouble in this entertaining collection of short stories by award-winning author Marele Day.

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