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From his website: "Martin Livings was born in Western Australia in 1970, and has subsequently scarcely budged. He reluctantly works in IT and non-reluctantly lives with his wonderful girlfriend and her not-quite-so-wonderful cat, both of whom somehow tolerate his tendency for sudden bursts of insane creativity, usually book-ended by lengthy procrastinatory periods of watching bad horror DVDs and eating junk food. There should be a Nobel Prize category for that. His main writing influences came mainly from reading science fiction as a child and teenager, particularly the works of the Holy Trinity of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Heinlein, but since then his tastes have diversified wildly, and now there are simply too many to name adequately, but in a parallel universe somewhere far removed from ours he's certain he'd be as good a short story writer as Greg Egan. Regrettably, though, he lives in this universe instead. " Please wander over for more :)

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Which just goes to show how many great Australasian Crime Fiction and True Crime authors there are out there!

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