The Lady Splash

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Cassidy Blair
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Hodder Headline
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Crime Fiction
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Private Detective
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When amateur sleuth Cassidy Blair is given the task of trying out a beauty salon for the dancers at The Pussycat Club, it's difficult to explain why she finds herself waking up the next morning on a local beach, at sunrise, naked apart from some awkward sunburn, and a pathetic story about a lost dog. With one of her friends dead, and her birthday coming up, Cassidy is too busy trying to squeeze herself into a tiny dress, caring for her new dog, Hellhound, not to mention guiding her recently detoxed friend Neil away from a crisis over his newly clean life to notice that she's caught the attention of some very unsavoury characters. In The Lady Splash, Cassidy Blair eventually ends up stuck in a cellar with no sign of escape. Then she discovers how much she really needs her friends.

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Anyone know where i can get a copy of The Lady Splash by Kirsty Brooks to buy.

Haven't seen one for years - but you can use something like "Wants" on ABEBooks and they will send you a note if somebody ever lists a book you're after. It's a service I've used a lot in the past.

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