The Killing Hour

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Random House Australia
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New Zealand
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They come for me as I sleep.  Their pale faces stare at me.  Their soft voices tell me to wake, to wake.  They come to remind me of the night, to remind me of what I have done.

Only Charlie doesn't know what he's done.  His clothes are covered in blood, there's a bump on his forehead and news reports state the two women he was with the night before have been brutally murdered.  Charlie knows Cyris is the murderer - except the police don't believe Cyris exists.  Nor does Charlie's ex-wife, Jo.  He desperately wants her to believe him but she doesn't.  As Charlie goes on the run with Jo bound and gagged in the car boot, he tries to figure out whether Cyris is real or imagined....

And the killing hour approaches yet again.

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