Killer's Cargo

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Orion UK
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United Kingdom
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Crime Fiction
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Kira Connal is a WPC working for the Bristol Police force. She's used to coming up against members of the local crime fraternity - from petty thieves, local dealers to small-time thugs. But when local businessman Oliver Stroud is reported missing, Kira gets the sense that his disappearance is a little different. His wife Hannah and daughter Lucy seem convinced that Oliver is a decent man, incapable of real deceit and even less so of desertion. Yet when Kira starts to investigate, she can find no trace of Oliver's life before 1993. It's as though before that, he never existed. Who is this man that Hannah decided to spend her life with - and what made him run? Kira sets out to uncover Oliver Stroud's true identity. To do so, she must unpick the past and trace her way back to the moment a decade before, when a young man found himself caught up in a terrible event - one that derailed his life and ended the lives of others. As Kira works her way towards the truth, she begins to realise that someone doesn't want her digging into the past. The closer she gets, the more terrifying things become...

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