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Wyatt robs banks, and lifts payrolls. Most men like him are dead or in gaol. But Wyatt stamps a cold, pitiless style on his heists - and makes sure that he never gets caught.

Now his funds are low and his luck is running out - until the day Anna Reid explains about the kickback in her partners's safe. Other players are involved: Bauer - who learnt his trade shooting blacks in Southern Africa; Ivan Younger - small-time boss; Sugarfoot Younger - sullen urban cowboy.

In the world of Kickback there is no yielding, no redemption. When Wyatt is crossed, the outcome is inevitable.

Book Review

There's a new Wyatt on the way, and that means it's as good a time as any to do a little tidying up of the back catalogue.

Wyatt is a very careful man, because he has to be.  Wyatt robs banks, lifts payrolls, gets girls, leaves girls, lives the life of a loner, trusts few, works out the details and thinks a job through.  He regards his criminal activities as his job, he's very professional.  He doesn't like surprises, he doesn't like hot heads and half wits, mind you, he can handle them when he needs to.

Kickback is the first Wyatt novel from renowned Australian writer Garry Disher.  Unusual in Australian crime fiction, these books are about the crimes and the criminals.  In KICKBACK in particular, even the victim's aren't squeaky clean.  Anna Reid is a solicitor who is happy to see the robbery of her work partner's safe - she wants the money to get herself out of a financial hole.  But she gets more than she bargained for when Wyatt agrees to do the job, and brings a little extra baggage along with him.  Sugarfoot Younger is a young man, a bit of a cowboy in look, inclination and attitude, and he is just stupid enough to think he can play Wyatt at his own game.

Tough, violent, precise and absolutely authentic, Disher write a fantastic professional criminal in Wyatt.  An old-fashioned sort of a crim, Wyatt isn't interested in collateral damage - to himself or his victim's, but don't for a moment think that he's beyond ruthlessness if he needs to protect his own skin.

The current Wyatt novels are:

* Kickback (1991)
* Paydirt (1992)
* Deathdeal (1993)
* Crosskill (1994)
* Port Vila Blues (1996)
* The Fallout (1997)

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