The Jack Irish Quinella

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Jack Irish
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Text Publishing
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Crime Fiction
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The first two books in Peter Temple's highly acclaimed Jack Irish series, now published in one volume.

Bad Debts' (Winner of the 1996 Ned Kelly Award) Ex-lawyer Jack Irish is in no special hurry to return a call from ex-client Danny McKillop. For one thing, they go back to a time Jack would rather forget. But when Danny is shot dead by police in the carpark of The Hero of Trafalgar, Jack reckons he owes Danny a few well-placed questions. Trouble is, the answers could take him to some very bad places indeed.

Black Tide Des Connors was there when Jack Irish's father met his mother. Now he wants Jack to look for his own son, a bad seed who's gone missing with $60,000 of Des's money. But it turns out that, as sons go, Gary Connors is more prodigal than most. And he's got some very good reasons for staying lost.

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