The Iron Heart by Marshall Browne

The iron heart by Marshall Browne - North Sydney, N.S.W. : William Heinemann, 2009. [Our New Books - LibraryThing]

I'm a tad behind with review books at the moment (well really I'm always a tad behind where I'd like to be), but this book needs an immediate mention.

The Iron Heart is the second Franz Schmidt novel from Marshall Browne and it's one I've been really looking forward to.

From the Blurb:

Franz Schmidt arrives in Berlin in January 1939 to take up the position of Chief Auditor at the Reichsbank, the financial heart of the Third Reich.  He has been positioned there by the enigmatic von Streck, a high-ranking member of the Nazi Party, but one who has a different agenda to that of the Fuehrer.

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