The Happiness Punch

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Cassidy Blair
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Hodder Headline
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Crime Fiction
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Private Detective
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Cassidy still has a Visa debt, a crazy pet parrot and a penchant for expensive underwear. And she still has the gorgeous Sam Tasker (he of the tall, dark and dropdead handsome looks) - although Sam appears to have lost her phone number. At least, that's what Cassidy's telling herself.Meanwhile, Cassidy has a new client - her teenage idol, popstar Jason Wilde - who has a big problem with some lurid internet sites; she also has a new PI colleague Ned (who she finds strangely attractive); and she meets Adelaide's porn-king and his leading thug, Mince.In an attempt to prove herself to Sam, who questions her PI abilities, Cassidy gets herself tied up (literally) in a high-speed shoot-out on a bus, a kidnapping, a drug bust and a couple of bizarre film shoots. And that's before she even begins to tackle Josie's new boyfriend, Zara's personal transformation and the latest cocktail at the Easy Lounge.With even more action and comedy, The Happiness Punch is sure to put a smile on your face while packing a punch

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