Guerilla Season

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Mandarin Australia
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New Zealand
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Crime Fiction
New Zealand
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The APA is on the offensive. First, a loudmouth redneck talkback radio broadcaster, Fred 'the Freckle' Freckleton, is forced to walk the plank from the 15th floor of a building. Then, a crusading journalist gets his neck wrung and a diehard monarchist MP is slowly cooked while his minder is fed to a pitbull terrier. And it's all the work of the Aotearoa People's Army.

The APA has an agenda of their own - and they're going to make sure they follow through with their set plan. No one is going to stop them. But just who is behind the APA and what are their real motives? Who's really pulling the strings?

Maverick cop, and our hero, Tito Ihaka is back once more and he's determined to put a stop to all the guerilla tactics. The counter-terrorism boys think they have the APA under control. But Tito thinks otherwise - and he's right. But Tito is about to step into something bigger than he dreamed and his very life could be in danger.

Guerilla Season is the sequel to Inside Dope and proves once again that the more Paul Thomas writes, the better he becomes. This is an hilarous novel that speeds along quicker than Fred 'the Freckle' Freckleton's dive head-first into the pavement. Tito continues to grow as a character and really earns a place in the reader's heart and, of course, as we've come to expect from Thomas, we have a nail-biting plot full of violence, gore and dark humor.

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