The Greenwich Apartments

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Cliff Hardy
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Crime Fiction
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Private Eye
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Is brilliant young film maker Carmel Wise the innocent victim of gangland violence or is she enmeshed in a pornography racket as the press and the police imply?

Carmel's businessman father hires Cliff Hardy to find the real reason 'the video girl' was shot dead outside the Greenwich Apartments in Kings Cross.

Hardy follows a trail which is broken but clear - houses and flats, with the power on and the rent paid, stand empty; photographs and other document lead to Lionel Darcy, owner of the Champagne Cabaret; banks and business houses will supply just enough information to keep Hardy warm. The tail takes him to the sunny perninsula, leafy Lane Cove and the industrial waterfront.

Hardy finds that every question and every answer had to be paid for in pain and fear. nd to some questions there may be no answers at all...

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