Grace Falco

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New Zealand
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Crime Fiction
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When successful architect Philip Ross first meets Grace Falco, his best friend Mitch's fiance, he thinks 'trashy Manhattan trophy wife'. Grace is everything he dislikes in a woman -- overdressed, under-fed and out of control.

But when Mitch commits suicide, leaving Grace impoverished, Philip's feelings towards her start to change -- much to the dismay of his girlfriend, Poppy Adams.

Angry and hurt at being pushed out of Philip's life, Poppy acts on a growing suspicion that Grace Falco is not who she says she is.

Aided by P. T. Marvel, a sympathetic private investigator who has his own personal reasons for getting involved, Poppy begins a dark journey into Grace Falco's past and unearths a treacherous secret that someone is prepared to kill to protect.

The more she finds out about Grace the more Poppy becomes afraid for Philip's safety. But is it her ex-boyfriend's life she should be worrying about -- or her own?

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