Goodbye Sweet William

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Ure Smith
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Crime Fiction
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Shortly after joining an exclusive house party, William, a successful writer and Casanova, is found dead. Inspector Swinton, called in to investigate, discovers he has been murdered - not once, but three times, and more puzzling still, that none of the attempts has killed him. Only, after the appearance of a second corpse, does Swinton solve the mystery and the story reach its startling climax.

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I have just finished reading this book, which was part of my mother's collection, from an old suburban private lending library called "Thoughts' Corner Library" I myself can remember. It was refreshing to read an Australian-setting novel, but I really appreciated the character of Det.Insp. Swinton and the story was gripping. If ever a subject character deserved to die, "sweet" William was one!

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