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Kannon Dupree Timestalker
Harper Collins
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Crime Fiction
Speculative Fiction
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Left for dead in a cave in the Blue Mountains when she was two, Kannon Jarratt has no idea who she really is or why someone once tried to kill her. Now, twenty years on, Kannon is a fierce young woman trained in the martial arts and still dealing with her past. Through an accident of fate she discovers that her real mother may be US Time Marshal, Victoria Dupree.

Kannon travels back to ancient Rome where Victoria has been sent to investigate the Hierophant, the mysterious leader of the Isis cult. However, Victoria has disappeared, apparently taken by the man she was investigating. To find her mother Kannon must become a gladiatrix in the service of Domitia Crassus, the wealthiest woman in Rome and the only person who knows the Hierophant’s identity. As part of their contract Domitia agrees to arrange for Kannon to be initiated into the Isis cult by the Hierophant himself. As an added incentive Domitia gives Kannon a slave, Alexander, a young gladiator with attitude who becomes her greatest ally.

In the race to find Victoria, Kannon forces her way through a web of political intrigues, sensuous orgies and frightening mystical rituals. But all paths lead her to an epic battle to the death in the arena, watched by all of Rome. Kannon must survive, not only for herself but to save Victoria and Alexander.

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