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GORDON, Gaelyn, (1939 - 1997) wrote fiction for children and adults. Gaelyn Gordon was born in Hawera in 1939. She taught English and Drama at Hamilton Girls' High School until 1987, when she took a year's sick leave and used the time to write, which she continued to do full-time until her death in 1997.

Gordon wrote that she enjoyed the process of letting her writing unfold and being surprised by the results: 'which is why I haven't gone back to teaching. I know the people I teach are going to turn out to be adults, and often have a fairly good idea of what sort of adults they'll be; I haven't the faintest idea what the story I'm writing at the moment is going to turn out to be.'

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Which just goes to show how many great Australasian Crime Fiction and True Crime authors there are out there!

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