A Fraction of the Whole

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An irreverent comic adventure that spans three continents, A FRACTION OF THE WHOLE is the story of a father and son who are against each other and against the world. As Jasper Dean struggles to make sense of his certifiably paranoid father Martin, he discovers the outrageous truth about his own origins, his long-dead infamous uncle, and his mysteriously absent mother. It’s a journey that takes us from the Australian bush to bohemian Paris to the jungles of Thailand, into strip clubs, mental hospitals, labyrinths, warped love triangles and the criminal underworld—challenging our modern notions of identity, religion, celebrity, politics and family along the way. With boundless imagination and razor sharp wit, A FRACTION OF THE WHOLE is an uproariously funny philosophical novel—full of surprise and suspense—about family and the spiritual symmetry that binds them together in a wholly ridiculous world.

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