Five Oranges

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Hodder Headline
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Crime Fiction
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Frankie Canyon is happy with his quiet life in Glasgow, watching the Discovery Channel and going to the pub. He once helped his brother anny save his bar from the money-grabbing mafia of Saigon and that was enough excitement to last him a lifetime. So when Danny invites Frankie and his wife Eileen to his new home in Melbourne for a relaxing summer holiday, the Canyons can't wait to get there.

But it all starts to go wrong when mysterious packages arrive, things explode and people get hurt. Then Frankie has no choice but to return to the steamy Saigon underworld to hunt down the one person with a motive for revenge. And when he enlists the help of a sexually charged transsexual and a poor cyclo driver with a score to settle, anything can happen.

In this funny and poignant tale about the gentle madness of everyday life, we catch up with the Canyons and their pals Jimmy and Stella Stewart. Still reeling from their adventures in Saigon Tea, these four ordinary people find themselves in another extraordinary situation and decide to fight for what they think is right.

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